Clark Web Designs "EZ Option"

You can have custom designed web presence for as low as $14 per page/per month*. This includes your custom built site design, our award winning hosting service and free domain. This plan even includes 1 hour of maintenence per month. As a bonus, we include a major site update/upgrade every 2 years for no additional costs. At Clark Web Designs, we make having a professional website EASY!

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When Do I Pay?
When you complete an order with us, you will be given a payment date and you will be aksed for your first month's payment.. Your payment date (e.g. the 15th) will be the same every month, and you're payment, whether it be through PayPal, or another agreed method, must enter our account three days either side of your payment date each month. Obviously, this doesn't apply if you decide to pay your fees up front, and if this occurs, a date will be agreed by both parties.
Why Choose EZPay?
We came up with the pay monthly concept to break down the cost of a website for you, the client. Many web design firms often quote high lump sums, which start up and small businesses as well as sports clubs and volunteer groups just simply cannot afford. So instead of having to pay an unaffordable fee up front, you can pay for the costs of a website through a low, flat monthly sum.
Which Price Plan Is Best?
Each price plan is tailored to suit the different needs of particular clients. We have a number of price plans to choose from. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we can discuss which package suits you. Likewise, if there isn't a package that suits you, we can discuss a bespoke solution to your website needs.
Will My Monthly Price Change?
No. We guarantee that our prices will not increase for existing clients providing any work carried out is covered in the contract price plan. In fact you could find that your monthly fee decreases over time.
What Happens At The End Of My Contract?
Websites often become out of date over an extended period of time. At the end of your contract term, we will arrange a review of your website and offer you a site re-design at the same monthly price. No lump sum fees are required for this, you will just continue to pay your monthly payments as usual.

If you prefer to stay with your existing website design then we will deduct 25% off your price plan for the new contract term.




* $7 per page/per month charge based on sites with a minimum of 20 pages. Sites of less than 20 pages can have a higher per page cost. Contact us for more information.