Basic Design Solution

Q: Will I get to talk directly with my designer?
A: Yes! Our process includes the opportunity to consult and speak to your designer in person at the start of your project. He/she will review your questionnaire and discuss with you common objectives of the project. Further communication will be available at all times via email.

Q: How many concepts will see for my Web site?
A: During the initial design phases, your designer will supply just one (1) composition to build from. This is to ensure the direction we are taking is the right one. From this initial composition, you will have the opportunity to revise several times.

Q: What does it mean by revisions?
A: A revision constitutes any change, big or small, requested of your designer and their concept. A revision period will follow the initial draft created by your designer and each change, feedback and request will count towards your revision process.

Q: Will my designer also input my shopping cart products and images?
A: No. Your designer will be helping conceptualize, develop and implement your sites' 'look and feel' only. This is your overall common layout (header, footer, menu, homepage, font and button scheme). Product inventory and images are the responsibility of the store owner or maintenance firm. We do offer maintenance plans for additional fees. 

Q: How long does it take?
A: Under optimal conditions, you will have a fully published store design within 1-2 weeks following completion of all your pre-design collaterals. This timeline depends heavily on communication. Your designer will work with you every business day for the duration of your timeline.

Q: I want a splash page, can you do this?
A: Yes. If you would like to research the possibility of adding a splash page before your main store, please discuss this need with your project manager. Additional fees may apply.

Q: What is a content page?
A: A content page is any non-product, informational page that you wish to have included in your Web site. Common examples are an About Us page, Contact Us page, Policies page, FAQs page or perhaps a Site Map or Directions page. Your designer will help include your written content provided through attractive presentation.

Q: Do you use stock images where I cannot find my own?
A: Yes. We have a library of stock imagery that we can use throughout your design to depict your business. Our library is limited and specific image requests may require the purchase of a third-party image. Please ask your designer about what images we can provide.

Q: Will I be able to edit my custom designed site once you have published it?
A: Yes. You will be able to update the design yourself, via your administration panel, to change text, swap images and add links. Your design is completely accessible to you to further manage and customize. You do not need to hire our team to make improvements, though we are available for hire. Some knowledge of HTML and a graphics program may be required to edit some areas of your design.

Q: Do you do Flash? How about drop-down menus or rollover images?
A: We do, but advanced design features are reserved for our Enterprise Custom Design Solution. Please discuss your specific needs with your project manager.

Enterprise Design Solution

Q: Why is Enterprise a better value?
A: Our Enterprise solution includes everything you need to make for a successful design investment. Added time, more revisions, advanced features and more help make this investment worthwhile for a new business or business improving their image. If you would like to investigate all possible concepts, our Enterprise solution affords more time with your designer. Furthermore, advanced features such as Flash, product page customization and design improvements to the checkout process are helpful to get a fully designed site from your investment.

Q: I like Websites that have menus that drop-down, is this Javascript?
A: Yes. If you're needs include having a tiered menu, or interactivity on your links, our Enterprise solution can help you achieve this desired look. Your designer can help improve your sites' navigation through drop-down menus or rollover effects on links.

Q: What is Flash animation?
A: Flash animation is a vector-based design option that results in high-impact motion graphics. Some of the best sites utilize flash movies to show interactivity and/or motion in their design. When used properly, a Flash effect can improve your stores' brand and message. Flash animation requires the Adobe Flash® program to create and edit. Additional fees may apply for complex animations.

Q: What do you mean by Checkout Design?
A: Our checkout design offering will allow your designer to further add improvements through the checkout steps of your store. Adding promotional graphics, matching buttons, shipping icons and more will help carry your message through to your customer as they complete their purchase. While we cannot change settings or alter our software, adding attractive aesthetics to your checkout steps can greatly improve conversion.

Q: Do you edit my category pages too, along with my product page template?
A: Unfortunately no. Due to the inherent changing of categories and the dynamic nature of your stores' database, we do not add customized elements to your category pages. You are free to organize your products by category in whatever manner available, however, no design improvements will be made to these 'intermediate' pages.

Q: How long does this take?
A: Under optimal conditions, you can expect an Enterprise design to be published and ready for your customers within 2-3 weeks on most occasions. This timeline depends heavily on communication. Your designer will work with you every business day for the duration of your timeline.